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Life and Health Insurance Planning

Life and Health Insurance Planning

Our licensed team of planning professionals have over 30 years of experience in administering the entire program development and claim adjudication process, including integrated Life and Health Insurance Planning.

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Life Care Planning

Medical Cost Projections and Life Care Planning

Our projections and plans are prepared by certified Nurses and Life Care Planners who understand complex and catastrophic injuries. The detailed case overview supports the medical opinions and forecasts formulated by our Medicare Compliance experts.

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Medicare Set Aside and Claim Settlement Solutions from MSA RiskPro

Medicare Set Asides

Our medical cost projections allow Medicare to approve your MSA in record time. By utilizing our proprietary databases, we are one of the leading providers of Medicare Set Aside and Claim Settlement Solutions in the country.

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Structured Settlements

Structured Settlements

A structured settlement is a helpful financial tool created by professionals to assist injured people. The benefit of using a structured settlement versus accepting a lump sum payment is that regular payments are made over a specified period of time to match your future needs and goals. This ensures that your needs will always be met.

Structured settlements apply to a wide variety of personal injury cases regardless of how much money has been accepted for the settlement.

Structured settlements were created because legislators were concerned that injured people who take a lump sum settlement often spend it all before meeting future obligations, including their medical care.

Financial advantages include guaranteed payments from the annuities purchased to fund your structured settlement account, a lifetime exclusion from income, dividend and capital gains taxes, and the ability to maintain eligibility for federal and private health care plans.

Call us today to discuss your most complex claim settlement needs. We would be very pleased to assist you!

Lien Verification and Negotiation

We have independent, proprietary "Best Practice" data and professional services to help manage your lien verification and negotiations!

Our experienced team of legal professionals provides inexpensive, quick, and efficient services for you and your client to determine the exact lien amount and obtain all of the details for claim settlement positioning. Our analysts minimize, and in some cases eliminate lien reimbursement. We know how insurance plans operate, and we will leverage our legal team experience to benefit you. You will have a dedicated single point of contact for all of your cases so that whenever there is a question with your case, you will know who is coordinating it. We can help resolve:

  • Medicare lien negotiations
  • Medicaid lien negotiations
  • Health insurance lien negotiations
  • Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) lien negotiations
  • Workers Compensation insurance lien negotiations
  • Liability insurance lien negotiations
  • Claim settlement lien negotiations
  • Disability insurance lien negotiations
  • Claim negotiation lien negotiations
  • Medical cost projection lien negotiations
  • Conditional payment lien negotiations
  • Fully-funded Health Plans lien negotiations
  • Private-funded Health Plans lien negotiations
  • Self-funded Government Plans lien negotiations
  • and Stop Loss insurance programs lien negotiations.

We are completely independent and can offer unbiased advice dedicated specifically for your needs!

We resolve liens with all health plans including Medicare, Medicaid, Private-Funded Health Plans, Fully-Funded Health Plans, Stop Loss programs, Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), and Self-Funded Government Plans. To get started, all you need to do is complete the appropriate Referral Form and email it to us. Or, just call us and we would be pleased to assist you. Call us today to begin reducing your Liens! Click here for our results!!

Claim Benchmarking

Claim Benchmarking

Our Risk Compliance associates are recognized and qualified to assist with your most complex Property and Casualty insurance business needs!

Our unique and proprietary RiskPro® technology allows us to help you solve your most complex risk and claim issues. Whether it is an individual claim or an entire program, our analysts are prepared to assist you.

We are recognized as a leading resource by A.M. Best Company as a Recommended Expert Service Provider in the Insurance and Financial industries, and by the Risk and Insurance Management Society Buyers Guide for Enterprise Risk Management and Claim Settlement Solutions based upon readership choice for quality services.

Our solutions include compliance for all operational risk areas including Best Practice Risk Audits, Client Support Audits, Due Diligence Audits, Insurance and Reinsurance Audits, Premium Audits, Reserve Audits, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and All Purpose Audits. We customize all products and services to our clients' needs, and save clients up to 40% of their current enterprise risk and claim settlement costs by utilizing our unique products and services. Call us today!

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