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October 2013

#Insights from Our Integrated ERM and Claims Settlement Solutions Practices

"A wise man apportions his belief to the evidence." - David Hume, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

Accenture Publishes its 2013 Global Risk Management Study

In Accenture's 2013 research study of 446 organizations, they found that risk technologists and regulatory change program managers are reported as being in short supply. Organizations are increasingly using innovative techniques, such as rotational training and combining risk and strategy roles, to help improve these qualities as well as to help improve retention rates in an increasingly competitive talent market. Organizations also cited the challenge of improving the ability to turn data into insights. The volume of data is increasing, as is the number of systems, reporting tools and end-user applications, they reported. Read a full report packed with current insights and perspectives for the worldwide ERM community.

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Final Interim Rule for Conforming to SMART Act Announced

The announced interim final rule with comment period specifies the process and timeline for expanding CMS' existing Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Web portal to conform to section 201 of the Medicare IVIG and Strengthening Medicare and Repaying Taxpayers Act of 2012 (the SMART Act). The interim final rule specifies a timeline for developing a multifactor authentication solution to securely permit authorized users other than the beneficiary to access CMS' MSP conditional payment amounts and claims detail information via the MSP Web portal. Read a summary with a link to the full ruling.

Obamacare and Healthcare Exchanges - Measures of Success

The next several months will be interesting to watch as people attempt to sign up for insurance and learn about the coverages and costs. While this activity will provide important information about the technical process of obtaining insurance for millions more American citizens who don't have insurance, the complete picture of success or failure will not be clear for years to come. So, what will be the critical measures of success or failure now and in the future? Read a summary of our analysis with links to current stories.

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