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July 2013

#Insights from Our Integrated ERM and Claims Settlement Solutions Practices

Managing Sustainability Risks Highlighted in Whitepaper

Most organizations are faced with highly competitive markets and are concerned with their ability to sustain their operations. An interesting whitepaper by Ernst and Young LLP and Miami University provides insights into how an organization can develop strategies and operational leverage for their businesses.

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Obama Administration Announces Delay in Key ACA Mandate

The Obama Administration announced on July 2, 2013 in a Treasury Department blog that it would delay the enforcement of the deadline for large employers to provide coverage or workers or pay a penalty in 2014. This is very good news for advocates from small businesses in the restaurant, retail, and agriculture industries. Most large employers in the U.S. already provide health coverage to their employees, and would not be affected by the decision.

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Judge Overturns Injunction for Release of Medicare Data

In a ruling issued Friday May 31, 2013, U.S. District Judge Marcia Morales Howard vacated a 33 year old injunction that had barred the government from releasing Medicare information on individual doctors to the public. In the ruling Judge Howard said that the injunction was no longer required, citing case law that had narrowed the scope of the Privacy Act. This ruling has broad implications for release of specific Medicare data and should be carefully understood by the risk management and claim settlement communities.

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