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December 2013

#Insights from Our Integrated ERM and Claims Settlement Solutions Practices

"Any fool can know. The point is to understand." Albert Einstein

Deloitte's 2013 Strategic Risk Survey Provides Insights into ERM

In a recent study, Deloitte uncovered significant evidence that many other businesses around the world are also adopting a new view of the risk universe. The study, conducted in the spring of 2013 by Forbes Insights, on behalf of Deloitte, was a global survey of strategic risk management practices at more than 300 major companies around the world. In the survey, Deloitte wanted to better understand how businesses can manage strategic risk more effectively – both now and in the future. The survey explored a wide range of issues and questions.

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Judge Blocks UnitedHealthcare Elimination of Doctors in CT

On December 5th, a federal judge temporarily blocked UnitedHealthcare from dropping over 2,200 physicians from its Medicare Advantage plan in Connecticut. In a decision that could have national Health and Disability insurance implications, including Medicare Set Asides, UnitedHealthcare and advocacy groups provided interesting insights into the issues.

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Chronic Pain Observations From RiskPro Workers Compensation Case Management

Our daily review and support of legacy workers compensation claims has revealed common findings of pain management mistreatment and lack of "active listening" on the part of pain management providers. Very often, if a patient is treated for a specific condition such as pain associated with another underlying condition, the pain management specialist will prescribe dangerous opiate medication strategies to confront the immediate complaint. Without close monitoring and management, long term use then causes the patient to become addicted to the opiates while ignoring the underlying cause of the pain. The patients are often not "abusing" the medications being prescribed, however are being treated as if the medication is the only course to follow indefinitely.

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