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March 2017

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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) 

What Is Your Claim Worth? - Whether you are an individual, family member, attorney, claim adjuster or risk management executive, it is important to understand the value of your claim(s) or expected claim(s). The art and science of claim valuation has improved over the years, to the point now where each claim can be measured soon after the occurrence. Learn more about advanced technology to serve your needs >>

Claim Settlement, Medicare, and Medicare Set Asides

CMS Addresses Opioid Misuse with Focused Strategy - Many claimants with Medicare and Medicaid insurance coverage have experienced opioid use disorder and addiction from injuries and diseases. The patients, families, healthcare industry, claim adjusters, and attorneys struggle to create meaningful settlements due to lack of necessary strategies. For those claim and legal practitioners interested in learning more about the specific methods and strategies approved by CMS and the CDC, please click here >>


New Study Recommends Best Treatments For Back Pain - One of the most difficult issues facing patients, medical providers, and claim managers is lower back pain from personal injuries. A recent study by the American College of Physicians (ACP) shows that non-invasive, non-drug therapies work best to alleviate pain. For a summary of key recommendations and a link to the study, please click here >>

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