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August 2014

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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) processes appear to have leveled off in large organizations, public companies, and financial services organizations according to The ERM Initiative in the Poole College of Management at North Carolina State University's most recent study. However, significant opportunities remain for organizations to strengthen processes for assessing key risks for strategic impact. The ERM Initiative 2014 study was completed in conjunction with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' (AICPA) Business, Industry, and Government Team. Data concerning risk management operations was received from 446 financial executives across United States industry. Click here for the key findings from the study >>

Claim Settlement, Medicare, and Medicare Set Asides

The 2014 Medicare Trustee Reports shows improvement and sustainability past 2026, perhaps until 2030 under the current guidelines and utilization rates. Also, HHS issues their final ruling regarding the ICD-10 implementation date.HHS Reports Record Savings To Protect the Medicare Trust Fund from Fraud. For more information about both subjects, click here >>


With more providers and hospitals using electronic record keeping, many health organizations are analyzing and interpreting large quantities of patient information, known as big data, to better manage high-risk and high-cost patients. The July 2014 issue of the journal Health Affairs examines the use of big data to improve health care. The authors examine six examples in which data mining can improve care and reduce expenses in hospital settings.  For more information about how data mining is being used to drive better outcomes and cost reduction, click here >>

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