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Medicare Set Aside News - CMS Publishes Town Hall Teleconference Events

CMS Publishes Town Hall MMSEA Section 111 Teleconference Events for Policy and Technical Questions – February through June, 2012

On February 8, 2012, CMS posted the schedule of Town Hall Teleconferences through June of 2012. The next teleconference is February 23, 2012. These calls will address both policy and technical questions you have regarding Section 111 reporting. Policy discussions will focus on CMS policy supporting the Section 111 NGHP reporting requirements, and how policy is being and has been translated into procedures. Technical support questions will focus on EDI connectivity and data transmission, use of the COB Secure Website, disposition and error codes, and other aspects of the data exchange process. Both CMS staff and representatives of the CMS COBC EDI Department will be available throughout each call.

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