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Additional Testimonials About Our Work

"Please be assured that for as long as I practice law and you are in business, you will be handling all of my client's Medicare liens from inception. Thank you for your assistance with this difficult case." - Cherry Hill, NY attorney

"Thanks for you hard work on this one; this is why we like to use Blackburn." - Attorney, Woodland Hills, CA 

"Excellent! Thanks as always for your super-quick turnaround."- Senior Claims Technical Specialist in NY

"Thank you for your hard work. I appreciate all you do." - Senior Claim Adjuster in FL

"Great work- We will certainly use your services in the future. Thanks!" - Attorney in NYC 

"Thank you for answering our questions today... your MSA and answers greatly assisted with our reaching our tentative agreement. Great job by your group! Fantastic News!" $13,616.00 Workers' Compensation Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) and approved same amount by CMS- Attorney, Springfield, MO 

"I am so impressed by your work product." Yes! $0.00 Liability MSA and approved by same amount by CMS- Risk / Claims Analyst, Buffalo, NY  

"What a way to begin the first week on the job! That's great!" - Attorney, Southern, CA  

"All of your hard work is appreciated. I shall let my associates know of your good work."- Attorney, Brea, CA 

"You do a great job with the communication of all of the work product.  The Adjusters love the updates."-  Nurse Case Manager, S. Portland, ME 

"Good work." $62,070.00 Liability Medicare Lien negotiated and reduced to $6,686.00 - Sr. Claims Specialist, Buffalo, NY- 

"Thank you... Appreciate all your efforts on this claim." $263,107.64 State of California Medi-Cal lien negotiated to $100,000- Sr. Claims Specialist, Los Angeles, CA 

 "Thank you so much..., you did a phenomenal job on this case. I have passed this information to our VP's." $152,500 Medicare lien negotiated and reduced to $50,833.00 - Sr. Claims Technical Specialist, Plainview, NY 

"From sea to shining sea I have spread the word about the awesome job you did on this case."- Attorney, Brea, CA  

"Thanks...Great Result." 46,156.00 Medicare lien negotiated and reduced to $16,311.04 - Attorney, Albany, NY  

"Excellent, thanks"  $2,454.16 Medicare lien negotiated and reduced to $0.00 - Attorney, Rochester, NY

"Ok Thanks. Great Job!" - Attorney, Newport News, VA 

"You are the BEST!" Super fast Medicare lien verifications and negotiations - Attorney, San Diego, CA 

"Really good job. The report is really helpful. Outstanding MSA report." - Attorney, New York, NY 

"Thank you for your excellent work on this."- Attorney, Los Angeles, CA  

"Thanks to your help... I have been recommending you to everyone." Your assistance is invaluable!- Attorney, Fort Myers, FL  

"Great job... Your efforts are much appreciated." $80,000 Medicare Lien negotiated and reduced to $6,200.00!- Attorney, Santa Ana, CA 

 "WOW that's really impressive!" "73,400 Medicare lien negotiated and reduced to $0.00!- Attorney, Uniondale, NY 

"That is an EXCELLENT report!! Very well done!! Thank you so much! This will be very helpful! Awesome, that's great news!!"-Claims Adjuster, Mechanicsburg, PA 

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